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In science we must be interested in things, not in persons.
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First Human X-ray 1896. The woman, Marie Curie, who took part in this experiment had so many X-rays taken that she developed a form of blood cancer and died


First Human X-ray 1896. The woman, Marie Curie, who took part in this experiment had so many X-rays taken that she developed a form of blood cancer and died

This is my mothers blog but i thought i would update it because she is not around to anymore. Yes that is right, my mother, Marie Curie has passed away and her remains have been buried along with my father, Pierre’s in Sceaux. Her death was because of her dangerous exposure and work with radiation for such a long time, so you could say that she died for science. 

After the deaths of my mother and father, more of their work was recognized. Curium (Cm) the 96th element on the periodic table was named after them.  Although they were not the ones to discover the element, it was given their name because they started the research in radioactivity.

-Irene Curie

July 1, 1934
I am suffering. Despite my attempt to break it to you in a humorous manner, truth is, I am radioactive. In my years of research I have acquired a lot of knowledge but I did not know that my constant exposure to radioactivity would cause severe consequences to my health! I have been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia which basically means my blood stem cells are damaged for good. By doing my research and working with X-rays I have been overly exposed to these radioactive waves. However, the X-ray still serves as an phenomenal contribution on my part to the scientific world. (Along with the discovery of two elements; Polonium and Radium) Besides being well known for being a chemist and physicist I was also a humanitarian, a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher and great helper in the medical field. I hope my footprint remains on this earth as the book I have opened up into radioactivity never closes. What I had spent my life doing was now killing me and I am okay with that because I can proudly say I died from passion. I’m ready to be reunited with Dead Pierre as I leave my diary in the hands of my daughter Irene.

It’s been quite a while now and I have very exciting news… 

You might have been wondering where I was and I was in the United States! With Eve and Irene! I never thought that a humble old woman like me would be able to visit the United States…

Now, you also might be wondering why I went to the U.S. as well…

Now, when I discovered Radium and Polonium, I decided not to put a patent on them. Radium soon escalated in price and I needed radium to keep going with my research and experiments. 

My wonderful benefactress, Mrs. W.B. Meloney is American and decided to launch a campaign to have the women of the U.S. to contribute $100,000 to buy a gram of radium for me and my research! I am so humbled to have this opportunity. 

While in the United States, I visited Pittsburgh and the Radium Refining Plant there. I also visited the White House (May 20th 1921) where the President himself presented me with a gram of Radium! (Well, kind of! He presented me with a key and certificate because they weren’t allowed to have the radioactive material in the white house. It was excited nonetheless!) 

This is the certificate I received that states that the material is radioactive etcetera 

All the radium was then packaged and carefully shipped here, to France. 

I would like to thank my benefactress for this opportunity and the Women of America who contributed as well as President Harding! I am so very humbled 

I am excited to use these materials for further research. The trip was tiring but I can only rest for a little while then i have to get back to work!!

I am pleased to say that i am a founder of the new Radium Institute in Paris! I have been wanting to help create a laboratory to work in for a while because there has not been a sufficient place to do my research.

The Curie Laboratory is now a place where radioactivity can be further discovered. I am helping at the Institute and am very happy with the work that is being done. I have also been hoping to make this type of institute international and open the institutes around the world.

Something terrible has commenced, a war. It is so severe that I hear people calling it a World War. France is fighting in this war along with six other countries. Everything is a mess at this time.

Despite everything, I know that if he was here, Pierre would tell me to use my talents and knowledge to help those on the front lines. So, I have decided that I will help. Using my knowledge of radioactivity and X-rays, I am planning on setting up various x-ray stations, mobile as well! 

I can use medical radiation to help doctors treat injuries. I can do this by using tubes filled with radioactive gas! Also, the X-rays will help doctors and nurses find pieces of metal shrapnel and bullets in the wounds of those injured. 

I will train doctors and nurses on how to use this machinery but I will need an assistant of my own. 

I miss my husband more and more each day and I know he would not hesitate to help me on this journey but I am positive that my daughter Irene will help me. 

I am quite nervous but excited! I know Pierre would be proud to see that I am using our research and collected knowledge to help others…


Me and my random background singers! Look I’m just holding a tiny notebook that shines because i’m from the old age and apple is still just a fruit! Just a few points of my life summed up in an awesome music video. Yet another example of me defeating stereotypes as I am and European woman in the 1900s rapping. I’m radioactive


The last ten years have been absolutely amazing!

In 1911 i was incredibly awarded with my second Nobel Prize for Chemistry! All that time researching and discovering the two new elements Polonium and Radium got me this award and i could not be more thankful.

I can not wait to see what else i can achieve in the future!  




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